Turkey Day Re-cap

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was wonderful and beautiful and full of family and friends and good food. I thought I would give a quick re-cap of mine. Some of you may enjoy how this has almost nothing to do with food.

We started with brunch at my parents, several family members dropped in, which was nice, and then later my sister’s fiance brought out his Theremin for a little spooky jam session and it turns out that pug do NOT love Theremins.

This is WAY harder than he makes it look.


Pugs Hate Theremins. Proof:

Later that afternoon we headed over to my in-laws, where we had the full-blown traditional turkey day meal. But before that, we had to do some shooting (duh). Isn’t that what everyone’s family does on Thanksgiving?

I could have a whole other blog about zombie apocalypse preparation. I’m a good shot.

Then, the flying turkey!

Fly, turkey, fly!

This turned out better than the pictures makes it appear – the bird landed safely onto the cutting board.

Needless to say there was a lot food, a lot of leftovers, and a lot of next-day dishes whipped up from those left overs, but I’ll spare you all the sharing of them, as I know by now most of you are as turkeyed out as I am. There is still half of a turkey pot-pie left, and I’m not sure I can even think about eating it. Who am I kidding? It was delicious and it’s for dinner tonight, along with some ham, stuffing, a turkey leg and some roasted acorn squash and apple casserole. Good gravy.

How was your Thanksgiving??


One thought on “Turkey Day Re-cap

  1. My favorite part of your day was the shooting. If I’d known you were out there shooting, I’d have joined you with my 9M (doesn’t leave a bruise on my shoulder like the shotguns do!)

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