About Beets

Not Really. This page is about me, Rachel. Although I do love beets, and all local food, really. I live in Hampton Roads, VA where there is a bevvy of fresh, local food available including seafood, ethically raised meats, produce, fruit, beer, wine and more.

I am the former Director of a small nonprofit: Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads. In that job I was blessed to be able to work around food, farms, farmers, and chefs pretty much everyday. Food has always been my passion and I created this blog to share tips about buying and eating locally, recipes that I come up with or ones that I try, and local restaurants that I patronize.

Nowadays, I own and operate a professional writing company, The Content Chop Shop, where I continue my passion of working with small, local businesses and helping get their voices heard.

Remember, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy local. And that’s kind of the same thing.



My blog header and color schemes were designed by Campire & Co.

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