Hunch and Stuff

Maybe you’ve seen a little show called “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” with one of my favorite food hosts, Guy Fieri? Well, I have this sort of informal mission to eat at as many of his stops as possible. This page just catalogs my following in his footsteps. One hunch and stuffed face at a time.

Guy Fieri tags

Guy Fieri tags


Taylor’s Automatic Refresher (now know as Gott’s Drive-in) – St. Helena, CA

North Carolina:

The Weeping Radish Brewery – Jarvisburg, NC


Dot’s Back Inn – Richmond, VA
Doumar’s Drive-In – Norfolk, VA
Virginia Diner – Wakefield, VA
Village Cafe – Richmond, VA
Citrus – Virginia Beach, VA


Voula’s Offshore Cafe – Seattle, WA

3 thoughts on “Hunch and Stuff

  1. I think blogs are confusing when it comes to leaving a reply/comment. It’s not that I have anything important to say about beets, and Lord knows I won’t be leaving recipes, but I might be able to converse on a good restaurant, or just say, “thanks.” But I really don’t see how one does any of that.

  2. Hi Rachael, I’ve been hearing about your fantastic blog! This is really good, and it looks very healthy. Maybe I will learn some new things to eat!

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