We interrupt your previously scheduled Friday . . .

To remind you that sweet potato-ham biscuits are delicious and should be eaten daily.


1. Fry some of this


sweet potato bisuits

2. Make some of these


sweet potato and ham biscuits

3. Put them in your mouth


Edwards Ham and homemade Martha Stewart sweet potato biscuits made with local sweet potatoes. It would be a crime to live through another weekend without making these. Don’t break the law of ham. Just make some.

One thought on “We interrupt your previously scheduled Friday . . .

  1. Rachel, i agree that sweet potato biscuits are great, but sweet potato rolls (made with yeast) are wonderful. i have a recipe that i have made for years now, i have made them with red potatoes and white potatoes, i just can’t decide which is best! i make them every Thanksgiving and every Christmas. sometimes for Easter and ramdonly during the year.

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